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Since 1994 Dan's been selling transportation & logistics services. He started at a 3PL company in Montreal, QC. As Dan quickly climbed the ranks in his company, winning sales competitions after less than a year in the business, he found that there was something else calling him. At first, he thought it was to find out more and work with the asset side of the business; however, after moving to Ontario and helping build an asset company from 32 trucks to over 165, he realized, once again, that something was missing.
In 2005, Dan became the operating partner of a 3PL with assets at his disposal. This brought a new era to Dan's sales, and he quickly scaled that company to over 22 million in sales. 

There are few forces on this earth more powerful than PASSION. And when passion is directed towards helping others unleash their best, it is truly unstoppable. Dan Deigan is the epidome of enthusiasm, wisdom, energy, and heart. Watch his videos again and again. With each viewing, you'll discover new pearls that can change your life and ignite you to lift all those around you. There is personal greatness within you. Let my good friend Dan Deigan teach you the secrets to let it shine!

- Brian Biro

Dan Deigan has become one of today's top teachers in the success and personal development genre. Having gotten to know Dan, I continue to be more and more impressed, not only by his vast knowledge regarding the mechanics of success but also by his HUGE goal and desire to help others achieve THEIR goals and desires. Stick with Dan. You'll have a terrific coach and mentor!

– Bob Burg

The High-Performance Summit

October 16th, 2020 At The Mississauga Convention Centre 

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High-Performance Logistics Sales

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This is your opportunity to receive the highest-level coaching program in Transportation & Logistics. High-Performance salespeople gain the transformation and sales tools needed to build their own highly successful brand, grow their business and develop a solid foundation of lifelong clients.


Four Pillars Of Personal Greatness

Achieve the greatest you possible. 

Have you ever wanted to make massive shift in your life for the better? How do people create a life they love?, the life they're in full control of? How do they think, make decisions, and have such a different perspective? Learn step-by-step in this 5 week training course. The Four Pillars Of Personal Greatness will unlock your potential and help you see your life in a new perspective, one that focuses on how great you really are!

"There is personal greatness within you. Let my good friend Dan Deigan teach you the secrets to let it shine!"

Brian Biro


"I have been selling for over 30 years. Dan's course brought me back to when I started and is still the reason why I am still learning after 30 years and counting!!! Dan basically brings out the best in the sales professional"

Mike L
Executive Account Manager
Six Ways To Connect With Prospects And Clients: On-Demand Class

This FREE video reveals how to increase sales in a strategic way to help you reach a predictable process to use when you sell.

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