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The ONLY End-To-End Sales GROWTH System designed to help you develop ALL THE SKILLS  YOU NEED to build a SUPERSTRUCTURE of business on it and scale to your heart's content! 

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Specifically for Transportation & Logistics Sales Pros. These on-demand classes run 30-45 minutes of strategic singular focused training to raise your skill level one step at a time!

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A series of full immersive on-line courses including sales and personal greatness that are designed to move you into the top 2% of the market!

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If you're serious about taking your sales gaen to the next level, then you're going to want to get into this 12-Week intense sales training. The High-Performance WAY!

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Where does productivity sit in your tools of mass success? Now is the time to make productivity you NUMBER ONE Priority and here's FIVE strategies to get you going! 

When you pick up the phone to make a cold call, are you looking to help the client achieve the main goal, mandate, or objective they've been tasked to complete? 


If not, then you're missing out on the second of the  2 practices the PRO's operate with. 

The first of the two practices that I'd love to share to help move you from amature to pro is Predicting. 


What your prospect or customer will say, or ask next can help you take your conversations further and allow you to shorten your timelines. 

Have you ever had a conversation that stalled or seemed like an extraordinary amount of work to keep it going?


I think we've all experienced these moments! This stems from delivering a message that you believe is the right one, to the WRONG person.

Dan Deigan has become one of today's top teachers in the success and personal development genre.


Having gotten to know Dan, I continue to be more and more impressed, not only by his vast knowledge regarding the mechanics of success but also by his HUGE goal and desire to help others achieve THEIR goals and desires.


Stick with Dan. You'll have a terrific coach and mentor!

Bob Burg

International Best-Selling Author

There are few forces on this earth more powerful than PASSION. And when passion is directed towards helping others unleash their best, it is truly unstoppable.


Dan Deigan is the epidome of enthusiasm, wisdom, energy, and heart. With each session, you'll discover new pearls that can change your life and ignite you to lift all those around you.


There is personal greatness within you. Let my good friend Dan Deigan teach you the secrets to let it shine!

Brian Biro

America's Breakthrough Coach

Dan Deigan is one of those people in the top one-half of one percent.


Who is on fire about living, one fire about learning, and on fire about sharing his knowledge and success to help others grow exponentially.


Top help them achieve their own personal greatness. 

Rico Racosky

Author Just 2 Choices

About Dan

I was a struggling salesperson that would grow my business only when I was motivated, which usually came after losing a client.


But I coasted as much as possible once I made back the lost revenue. I would spend time with people that would never be able to positively contribute to my overall growth and success.


I wanted to be one of the top performers, I wanted to be the guy that would win the cars, be presented awards, and get the recognition most would dream about.


At that time, I was struggling with my foundation. That meant I would take one step forward and felt like I would take two steps back. There was this ceiling (GP Levels). I felt like I could never breakthrough.


That made me feel BEYOND frustrated. It had come to the point where I wanted to just quit the industry altogether. I felt like I hit my max potential, sales changed, and I couldn’t perform.

High-Performance Sales Products

This is THE ONLY program of its kind. You will get direct access to traffic managers, logistics coordinators and more. 


Each month, a NEW and NEVER SEEN BEFORE program gets uploaded with a direct client in our industry. 


Get it straight from the customer's mouth about EXACTLY what they look for, on cold calls, how to follow-up with impact, and how to move through your sales cycle faster... 

Elite level sales course focused on Logistics & Transportation sales. This High-Performance Course is designed to help develop... 

  • Your Clarity
  • Your Q&A Sequences
  • Your Focus Points
  • Your Timelines
  • Your "Next Steps" Formulas

This 5-Week Online Course is for the sales professional looking to make a bigger impact in their market and looking to become an expert in their own NICHE

If you want to fast-track your career, then th HPLS 12-Week one on one coaching program might be for you. 


This program is by application ONLY and has a strict qualification process. 


One on one coaching is the ULTIMATE GAME-CHANGER


if... You are ready, willing, and desire to raise your sales bar to new heights. 

On DECEMBER 11th 2020, we are holding the first ever High-Performance Sales Summit! 


Are you looking to get the inside track with our special speakers, Customer Panels, Industry Panels, Insurance Panels, and Asset/3PL Panels, THEN YOU'RE ready to get your FREE DIGITAL TICKET! 

Check out this one of a kind Business And Sales Training Show LIVE on our Social platforms. 


My business partner Nick Redstone and I go live weekly and tackle HOT TOPICS in the sales and business world!


Join us weekly, just hit the button below! 

It's time to achieve your own Personal Greatness, with this 5-Week Online Course. 


We ALL have so much 

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SSE Masterclass - LIVE

  • Stop Selling The Number One Thing You're Presently Selling, that's actually killing your overall RESULTS, and Start Selling what EVERYONE buys, regardless of what they manufacture. ...

  • Why Your Prospects Stick With Their Present Suppliers and how to reverse their thinking within 30 seconds

  • How To STOP Prospects From Seeing You As "Just a freight salesperson" and how to amplify your message to engage prospects at a higher level than ever before.


The HPLS Podcast Is In Full Swing

Subscribe and download all the episodes! The HPLS {Podcast is dedicated to bringing you market and sales strategies rolled into AWESOME interviews... 

What People Are Saying.

I have been selling for over 30 years.

Dan's course brought me back to when I started and is still the reason why I am still learning after 30 years and counting!!!

Dan basically brings out the best in the sales professional.

Mike L

Executive Account Manager

Dan was referred to me when I was looking for fresh ideas in coaching my sales team. It quickly became very clear to me just how easy this recommendation was passed on, as Dan is without a doubt, the most passionate and dedicated person I’ve met. When it comes to sales, Dan’s endless energy can motivate even the most stagnant of salespeople. 

Lori G

Sales Manager

Dan has not only taught me how to become a better salesperson, he has taught me how to become a better version of myself. 

I have grown a whole new confidence in my sales career and he has guided me on the path to success. 

I believe in Dan's vision and he believes in me. 

Jordan W

Account Manager

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